Archery Virtual Competition



Any primary school in the Horsham District

Archery type

Soft (sucker tipped) archery version that can safely be accommodated in segregated indoor and outdoor areas


3 practice arrows followed by 6 scoring arrows

Lead organisers

Horsham Sports Services


Schools’ own sites


Age bands x 3 = Year 1+2, Year 3+4, Year 5+6

Both boys and girls participate

An inclusive process; all children can participate

Team size/entry

8 target and bow sets available

Able to cater for any number of children in a school (eg all in a year group or just selected individuals)

Throughput guidance (illustrative estimates) – 16 children in years 1+2 = 45 minutes, in year 3+4 = 40 minutes, in year 5+6 = 35 minutes

Results analysis for comparison with other schools will cover individual scoring, group/class average score, age category average score, overall school average score

See a previous year’s results listings for an idea of how it works –


Ongoing process with results for year declared at the end of June

Curricular delivery times to be agreed with each individual school  


Costed at £33 per coach delivery hour


Target distance will be 6 metres for year 5+6, 5 metres for year 3+4, 4 metres for year 1+2

The score of each arrow will be decided and recorded by the coach in charge

Each pupil will take six scoring shots (in two batches of three), designated beforehand as competition shots to produce a total score

Children can practice to any extent (on the day or prior to it) before taking their competition shots but can only take one set of six shots in any given year for this competition

A minimum of 8 different pupil scores in any given category are required for the overall score to be counted on the leader board

Weather considerations

Indoor adaption is possible in the event of very poor weather that prevents outdoor delivery

Kit considerations



Ian Ford on

Post-event feedback link


Use e-form to express interest


Invoicing will be undertaken after activity delivery