Comments and Complaints

At Horsham Sports Services (HSS) we want to know what our customers think about us, about our services and the way we deliver them. This helps us to improve and change to serve them better. We positively welcome suggestions for improvement and change and we would also like to know when received particularly good service is provided so we can pass on comments to the relevant staff. We all enjoy compliments when they are deserved and they help encourage staff to do even better next time.

HSS is committed to delivering high quality services and to respond to the wishes and needs of the customers which we serve. We aim to provide our customers with high quality services, but from time to time things may go wrong or we may not meet their expectations. By telling us where we have gone wrong, they can help us to put things right and improve our services for everyone.

Customers must be reassurred that they should not worry about making a complaint, it will not be held against them and they will not be treated adversely for having made a complaint.


If a customer wishes to complain about a particular issue they should contact the following:

  • By emailing to
  • By completing an online form on this website 
  • By telephoning Ian Ford, the Managing Director, on 07764 146338


The complainant will receive an acknowledgement within 3 working days and their complaint will be considered and a response sent within 10 working days.