About Horsham Sports Services

Horsham Sports Services is a sports coaching and development company that aims to increase the quality and quantity of sport and active opportunities available to people, particularly those located within the Horsham District area. To do this we work with schools, clubs, leisure facilities and other agencies with the objective of serving all sections of the community including children and young people, older people and disabled people. 

We hope this site will prove a valuable information resource to all those that use it. Please feel free to contact us with any information you feel might be relevant to add, to let us know about anything that you think may be incorrect and, of course, if you have any questions about local sport and active recreation.

Team Members


Ian Ford

Ian has a  professional background in local authority sports development. He is coach qualified and experienced in over twenty sports with his particular passions being in football and table tennis. He has experience of organising various health, community safety and inclusion-based projects and has helped support – particularly by advising on grant funding access – many local sports clubs, schools and other providers to start, expand or develop their offers. 


Kimberley Roberts

Kim has been involved in sport from the age of 5. She enjoys all sports, but football has always been her favourite. More recently she has started playing rugby. At college she enjoyed coaching and went on to study for a Foundation Degree in Sport, Health and Fitness as well as a Degree in Sports Development. Since then she gained various coaching qualifications in the 10 years she spent working in a local authority sports development team. Kim recently won the British Softball Youth Coach of the Year award.



Louis Power

Louis has been coaching for over 15 years and has varied sporting interests, although basketball and dodgeball have been his strongest suits and he is particularly interested in the skills of athletic movement. He has worked for a number of public and private sector organisations in coaching and holiday camp management roles and brings a wealth of experience to the team’s operations.


Natalie Jagota

Information to follow


Tom Sikora

Tom is currently undertaking BTEC Sports Level 3 and is keen to develop a career in sport and recreation. He has experience of assisting in weekly evening sport and youth club sessions and school holiday camps. Sports overseen include football and dodgeball. He has also helped lead at school enrichment days and refereed in primary school football competitions. He likes all sports and is always interested in learning new skills to support his career progress.


Bilal Rehman-Furs

Information to follow


Michelle Peckham

Information to follow


Luke Randis

Lukáš (Luke) Randis is a table tennis player and coach from Czech Republic. He started playing table tennis at the age of 9 and has coaches for Horsham TTC. He plays all sports and also has a passion for football, basketball and tennis. He states that ‘To have fun and to pay attention’ best summarizes his approach to coaching.