There were two excellent Horsham Area quadkid athletics competitions at The Bridge today as four B teams from local primary schools plus small school St Mary’s Horsham came together at year 3+4 age group in the morning and year 5+6 in the afternoon.

Southwater and Heron Way provided another chapter to their Old Firm tradition at the top of both positional charts. Southwater had the better of the morning finishing 94 points ahead of their rivals in the younger age category. The Herons hit back in the afternoon with their year 5+6 team finishing 150 points ahead of the Southies. 

Rain was a constant menace but thankfully the clouds never really vented their fury. Indeed the young athletes never batted an eyelid when rain did fall, the main problem became soggy timesheets for the volunteer officials.

Well done to all involved in contributing to these super events.

Detailed results have been sent to for publication


  1. Southwater 2520 points
  2. Heron Way 2426
  3. St Mary’s Horsham 2310
  4. Leechpool 2194
  5. Kingslea 2076



  1. Heron Way 3063
  2. Southwater 2913
  3. Kingslea 2526
  4. Leechpool 2385
  5. St Mary’s Horsham 2349