Heron Way beat Southwater by 43 points to win today’s Large Schools Year 3+4 District Sports Quadkids Athletics in the midst of an entry field of nine local primary schools competing at The Bridge leisure centre’s athletics stadium. 43 points is not a lot when the winning points score is 2710!

The weather was bit more hospitable than last week’s small schools event, warm and dry but not baking hot, ideal for the children to produce some excellent performances and gain some high scores. A large crowd of parent spectators was well entertained by what they saw as all of the 180 or so children undertook a 400m run, the standing long jump, a 50m sprint and the mini-vortex howler throw.

Detailed individual scores have been sent to the quadkids website and hopefully will be published next week.

Next and final Horsham area quadkids instalment for this year will be in 2 weeks’ time on 14th July when B teams gather at The Bridge at both year 3+4 and year 5+6 age levels.

Points table:

1st Heron Way 2710 points

2nd Southwater 2667

3rd Holbrook 2555

4th Leechpool 2467

5th North Heath 2458

6th Kingslea 2392

7th Greenway 2317

8th Arunside 2308

9th Shelley 2262