St Robert Southwell are this year’s year 3+4 Horsham Area Primary Schools Basketball Festival winners. They won a close but exciting final 4-2 against a strong and impressive Leechpool A team.

In all 14 teams entered the event staged at Kingslea School in the wake of last week’s year 5+6 age group event. Just like the older children the year 3+4s put on a great show of ball bouncing, passing and scoring endeavour to keep the sizeable crowd of teachers and parents entertained.

The event was split into two phases. In the first the teams were randomly spread into four groups of either three or four teams. Positions achieved in this phase determined which tier of competition each team would play in in the second phase.

At Phase 1 Leechpool A and St Robert Southwell breezed through without too much trouble although Kingslea C put up a good fight against St Robs to go down 10-6. St Mary’s Horsham managed to squeeze through Group A as winners by virtue of scoring one game-winning  basket against Shelley whilst in Group C Northolmes A walked a tightrope to come through top, drawing against Kingslea E but winning the resultant shoot-out and then edging out Leechpool B 6-4 in a terrific game.

In the Top Tier semi-finals Leechpool A confidently saw off St Mary’s but neither Northolmes A and St Robert Southwell could get the upper hand leaving the match to be settled on a shoot-out in the latter’s favour. Northolmes drew consolation by beating St Mary’s 4-0 for third place before St Robs confounded small v large school logic to win the final.

If Leechpool’s front side just missed out in the top echelon their B team made up for it somewhat by taking the second tier with a 2-0 win over Shelley. Castlewood took Tier Three with a tight 6-4 score over Kingslea F. Hosts Kingslea got one of their teams to the top of a tier as their E team beat Northolmes B 12-2 to take the fourth tier.

Well done to all teams involved and thanks to Kingslea for hosting.


Note: *Refers to the team that won a drawn match on a shoot-out









Kingslea A v Shelley

2                 4

Match A

Kingslea F v Leechpool A

0                   12

Match C

Kingslea B v Leechpool B

0                    8

Kingslea C v St Rob South

6                  10


Shelley v St Mary’s Hm

0                      2

Match B

Northolmes B v Kingslea D

0                   19

Match D

Northolmes A v Kingslea E

2*                  2

Castlewood v St Rob South

2                   10


Kingslea A v St Mary’s Hm

0                     0

Winners of Matches A+B

Leechpool A v Kingslea D

12                    2

Winners of Matches C+D

Leechpool B v Northolmes A

4                     6

Kingslea C v Castlewood

0                  0



Losers of Matches A+B

Northolmes B v Kingslea F

2                     12

Losers of Matches C+D

Kingslea E v Kingslea B

0                   12


 1st = St Mary’s Horsham

2nd = Shelley

3rd = Kingslea A

1st = Leechpool A

2nd = Kingslea D

3rd = Kingslea F

4th = Northolmes B

1st = Northolmes A

2nd = Leechpool B

3rd = Kingslea B

4th = Kingslea E

1st = St Robert Southwell

2nd = Kingslea C

3rd = Castlewood










Match E

Winner Gp 1 v Winner Gp 2

St Mary’s Horsham V Leechpool A

2                      12

Match G

R-Up Gp 1 v R-Up Gp 2

Shelley V Kingslea D

6                   4

Match I

3rd Gp 1 v 3rd  Gp 2

Kingslea A V Kingslea F

2                   2*

4th Group 2 v 4th Group 3

Northolmes B v Kingslea E

2                   12


Match F

Winner Gp 3 v Winner Gp 4

Northolmes A V St Rob Southwell

2                       2*

Match H

R-Up Gp 3 v R-Up Gp 4

Leechpool B V Kingslea C

2*                    2

Match J

3rd  Gp 3 v 3rd  Gp 4

Kingslea B V Castlewood

6                    8



Losers of Matches E+F

St Mary’s Hm v Northolmes A

0                     4

Losers of Matches G+H

Kingslea D v Kingslea C

4                     10

Losers of Matches I+J

Kingslea A v Kingslea B

2                   0



Winners of Matches E+F

Leechpool A v St Rob Southwell

2                     4

Winners of Matches G+H

Shelley v Leechpool B

0                   2

Winners of Matches I+J

Kingslea F V Castlewood

4                  6


1st = St Robert Southwell

2nd = Leechpool A

3rd = Northolmes A

4th = St Mary’s Horsham

1st = Leechpool B

2nd = Shelley

3rd = Kingslea C

4th = Kingslea D

1st = Castlewood

2nd = Kingslea F

3rd = Kingslea A

4th = Kingslea B

1st = Kingslea E

2nd = Northolmes B