Leechpool A are the year 3 football cup winners, emerging as top dogs from a field of 10 at the last of this season’s cup tournaments on the Tanbridge astro. They met Heron Way in the final and triumphed 3-1 in a well played match.

The teams were divided into two groups of five for the first phase of the event. In Group A Leechpool B lost 4-0 to small school Plaistow and Kirdford and then promptly whacked one of the favourites, Heron Way, 4-0 themselves. However whilst the Heron’s fortunes picked up with three subsequent wins Leechpool’s nose-dived with two more defeats to see the two of them finish at opposite ends of the table. Teams in between enjoyed some variable results but it was Plaistow/Kirdford taking second spot courtesy of their 2-0 win over Kingslea.

Leechpool A negotiated Group B in slightly more straight-forward style, dealing with the major threat of Southwater A first off with a 2-0 win, confidently seeing off Southwater B and Castlewood, before surviving their stiffest test against St Mary’s Pulborough 2-1. Southwater A were also made to work hard, 1-0, by St Mary’s in addition to big wins in their other two matches that earned them the runners-up spot. 

After the heights of their Heron Way win Leechpool B’s day continued to get worse as they lost in the ninth place play-off versus Castlewood. Shelley won by the odd goal in five against Southwater B for seventh. St Mary’s Pulborough edged out Kingslea for fifth. Plaistow and Kirdford found themselves 3-0 down to Southwater A after 60 seconds and a cricket score looked likely, but theey gathered themselves admirably to recover to a 4-1 loss by the end of the third place play-off. And in the final Leechpool A did the business over Heron Way as we already know.

Well played to everyone for putting on a great show of football.







PHASE 1 – Groups





Leechpool B v Plaist/Kird

0                   4

Shelley v Kingslea

0                  1

Castlewood v St Mary’s, Pulb

0                     1

Southwater A v Leechpool A

0                      2


Heron Way v Leechpool B

0                   4

Plaist/Kird v Shelley

1                     1

Southwater B v Castlewood

3                     0

St Mary’s, Pulb v Southwater A

0                   1


Leechpool B v Shelley

0                    2

Kingslea v Heron Way

0                  1

Leechpool A v Southwater B

2                      0

Castlewood v Southwater A

0                  4


Plaist/Kird v Heron Way

0                  2

Leechpool B v Kingslea

0                   2

St Mary’s, Pulb v Southwater B

3                       0

Castlewood v Leechpool A

0                    3


Shelley v Heron Way

0                     2

1st – Heron Way 16pts

2nd – Plaistow/Kirdford 14

3rd – Kingslea 12

4th – Shelley 10

5th – Leechpool B 8

Plaist/Kird v Kingslea

2                     0

Southwater A v Southwater B

4                      0

1st – Leechpool A 20pts

2nd – Southwater A 16

3rd – St Mary’s Pulboro  13

4th – Southwater B 8

5th – Castlewood 4

St Mary’s, Pulb v Leechpool A

1                    2


PHASE 2 – Play-offs


Winners Groups A + B

Leechpool A v Heron Way

3                  1

Runners-up Groups A + B

Southwater A v Plaistow/Kirdford

4                       1

Thirds Groups A + B

Pulborough v Kingslea

2                  1

5.30-5.40pm 4ths Groups A + B

Southwater B v Shelley

2                    3


5.42-5.52pm 5ths Groups A + B

Castlewood v Leechpool B

1                     0