Southwater A were imperious in winning the Horsham Primary Schools Year 4 Open Football Cup tonight on the Tanbridge astroturf. They moved the ball around the pitch like a grandmaster moves chess pieces around a board to outwit their opponent.

In the group stage Southwater A won all their games, scored 17 and did not concede. In the final they met a Heron Way side that had emerged top from a much tighter Group B, superior goal-difference seeing them through against a strong Leechpool A team. Indeed Leechpool A beat the Herons 2-0 but only after they themselves went down 2-0 to third placed Southwater B.

The final was effectively decided by half-time as the Southies scored five goals in rapid succession. A lot of credit to Heron Way however for fighting out the second half in spirited fashion to hold the score to 5-0 by the final whistle.

For third spot Leechpool A recovered from a tricky start to beat Castlewood 7-2. Whilst Castlewood had some of the smallest players in the tournament they were notable for some of the strongest tackling.

Arunside and Southwater B met for the fifth place play-off and a single goal decided it in favour of the latter. Plaistow and Kirdford edged out Leechpool’s B team in similar fashion and for ninth St Mary’s Horsham beat Kingslea 2-0.

Well done to all children involved for a great night of football.








PHASE 1 – Groups





Leechpool B v Southwater

0                     6

Arunside v Kingslea

1                         0

Heron Way v St Mary’s, Horsham

2                           0

Plaist/Kird v Leechpool A

0                         1


Castlewood v Leechpool B

0                      0

Southwater A v Arunside

5                        0

Southwater B v Heron Way

0                        1

St Mary’s, Horsham v Plaist/Kird

1                        1


Kingslea v Castlewood

0                      1

Leechpool B v Arunside

0                         1

Leechpool A v Southwater B

0                          2

Heron Way v Plaist/Kird

9                        0


Southwater A v Castlewood

4                     0

Leechpool B v Kingslea

0                            0

St Mary’s, Horsham v South B

0                         1

Heron Way v Leechpool A

0                      2


Southwater A v Kingslea

2                         0


1st Southwater 20pts

2nd Castlewood 14

3rd Arunside 13

4th Leechpool B 8

5th Kingslea 6

Arunside v Castlewood

1                          2

St Mary’s, Hm v Leechpool A

0                           5


1st Heron Way 16 (+10)

2nd Leechpool A 16 (+6)

3rd Southwater B 14

4th Plaistow/Kirdford 8

5th St Mary’s Horsham 6

Plaist/Kird v Southwater B

1                         1


PHASE 2 – Play-offs


Winners Groups A + B

Southwater A v Heron Way

5                            0

Runners-up Groups A + B

Castlewood v Leechpool A

2                            7

Thirds Groups A + B

Arunside v Southwater B

0                        1

5.30-5.40pm 4ths Groups A + B

Leechpool B V Plaistow/Kirdford

0                                  1

5.42-5.52pm 5ths Groups A + B

Kingslea v St Mary’s, Horsham

0                             2