Horsham District Primary Schools Year 1+2 Core Skills Fun Competition


·       Any primary school in the Horsham District


·       Schools run their own scoring event


·       Year 1+2 pupils in any gender balance


·       As many pupils in the school who want to participate


·       Submit scores by email by 30 June 2024 at latest

.       Scores can be achieved any point in the school year


·       £1 per child administration and certificate fee


·       Under school management


·       Under school management


·       Not applicable


·       Fun and participation towards early athlete development

·       Results only published within community of participating schools

·       Done under school’s own fair play policies


5 tests to undertake

(1) Football dribble slalom – 2 disc cones 6 metres apart with another 2 cones in between at 2 metre intervals. How many full lengths can you complete in one minute. Must turn at the ends by dribbling the football around the end cone. If make an error (eg miss a cone) go back to the point of the error and continue

(2) Cricket wicket overarm throw or bowl – 2 cricket wickets side-by-side as target with a disc cone marking a 6 metre distance away for the thrower to stand at. 10 tennis balls in a hoop next to throwing point. How many wicket hits out of 10 attempts using an overarm throw or bowl? Note that hitting the wicket base unit counts as a hit, not just the stumps

(3) Wall catch – find a suitable wall to throw against and place a disc cone 2 metres away. Using a tennis ball how many catches can the thrower achieve, throwing and catching from behind the cone. 

(4) Roll target – set out a line of target disc cones as follows: 2 cones of one colour (A) 50cm apart, 2 cones (B) of another colour each 50cm wider the the middle A cones, 2 cones of a third colour (C) another 50cm wider either side of B cones. Each player gets a total of 10 rolls from another cone 6 metres away and set at a right angle to the line of target cones. 3 points if roll through the middle gate of A cones, 2 points if miss the A gate but do go through the gate of B cones, 1 point if miss A and B gates but get inside C cones. Hitting an A cone achieves 3 points, a B cone 2 points, a C cone 1 point. Ball must be delivered from a low point in order to roll properly. A ball delivered with any significant degree of aerial lift will not count

(5) Tennis racquet bounce – how many bounces of a tennis ball on a racquet can be achieved in one minute. If an error is made (eg ball runs away) collect ball and continue from score already achieved, no need to go back to zero.

Children are allowed to practice the tests as many times as they want (eg over a number of weeks) before making a commitment to the scores on a designated competitive attempts being recorded as their event submission

See attached diagrams


·     Recommend undertake tests on grass (as a basis for greater inter-school consistency/comparability) but tarmac or indoor is possible

·     Set out the tests in a carousel

·     Children can pair up and record each other in practice runs, possibly to the point that some become sufficiently ‘reliable’ to undertake the final tests to gain the scores that get submitted


·       Ian Ford – Ian@horshamsportsservices.co.uk    / 07764 146338

.      Post-event feedback link


·       Email Ian@horshamsportsservices.co.uk so we know you’ll be taking part. No entry deadline as such but consider scores should be submitted to Ian.ford@horsham.gov.uk by 30/6/24 at latest to count