Heron Way Year 3s Power their Way to Sports Hall Athletics Title

Heron Way School won the Year 3 Sports Hall Athletics competition run at Millais School last week. They amassed a whopping 421 points, a full 62 in front of nearest rivals Southwater Junior Academy. Kingslea took third place with 321.

Millais School’s sports leaders, under the supervisory eye of coach Dave Ingram, officiated the day superbly. Having stepped in to host the event at relatively late notice Millais certainly did it proud with touches such as music, welcome boards and team certificates. 


1st – Heron Way 421

2nd – Southwater 359

3rd – Kingslea 321

4th – Holbrook 299

5th – North Heath 286

6th – Leechpool 272

7th – Greenway 254