Cricket Inclusion Event


Horsham District Primary School Inclusive Cricket Festival


·       Any primary school in the Horsham District

Lead organisers

·       Horsham Sports Services


·       Kingslea School


  • Year 5+6 pupils of any gender balance.
  • This event is mainly designed to offer an opportunity to year 5+6 boys and girls not involved (or on the periphery of) to the more formal school competitions offered by the Sussex Cricket Foundation (SCF) this summer. Aside from having played in a SCF any girl should be OK to participate; however a strong club-playing boy that has not played in a SCF competition this summer should only be selected in the situation where a school is short of players otherwise, most likely to be applicable to smaller schools. This guidance is obviously quite loose and it is requested that schools try and abide by the intended inclusive spirit behind it.

Team size/entry

·       8-a-side on pitch, maximum squad size 10

·       Schools can enter up to 2 teams but if there is spare capacity (maximum of 16) at the entry deadline teams will be able to be submitted


·       Tuesday 9th July 2024

·       9.30am-12noon


·       £36 per team

Weather considerations

·       If a cancellation decision is necessary, all efforts will be made to communicate this in good time.

Kit considerations

·       Teams should be in uniform team colours

Parking and spectators

·       Parking is limited in the Kingslea car park in the school day. Schools to have one car parking allocation per team. Other cars wanting to park up for the event will need to park away from the school.


·       Batting in pairs (x 4 pairs per innings).

·       Each pair bats for two overs. If time allows, we will increase number of balls per over in later match rounds

·       Batting pair starts on 100

·       Getting out loses 5 run but batter continues

·       4s and 6s will apply with boundaries being in place

·       Wides score 2 runs but no extra ball unless it’s the last over

·       In each pair of batters each player should get at least 2 hits (so umpires should tell batters to change ends if necessary)

·       Bowlers can bowl over or underarm

Format Guidance

·       1 hour of skills and challenges

·       1.5 hours of matchplay

.       Likely to be a player of the event award to be decided by team manager votes

Contact person / Feedback

·       Ian Ford – / 07764 146338

.      Post-event feedback link

Booking Links/Deadline

·       Booking link – deadline 28/5/24


·       Invoicing will be undertaken at booking deadline

·       No refunds will be issued for schools/teams that drop out after booking deadline

·       Additional teams can be accepted after the booking deadline at the discretion of the organisers