The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is set to deliver pilot in partnership with United Learning. The 18-month programme will see PE trialled as a core subject across a selection of the group’s primary and secondary academies.

Edward Timpson, Chair of the afPE Taskforce, has announced the launch of a new pilot to review the impact of PE as a core subject on the school curriculum. Over the next 18 months, the action-research pilot will see up to twenty United Learning primary and secondary academies reframe PE as a core subject, alongside English, maths and science, as opposed to its present position as a foundation subject.

Whilst there is no regulatory difference between the two, the ‘Test and Learn’ initiative will explore what an increase in expectations in PE looks like in practice, and ultimately assess the impact this has upon young people’s physical, social and mental health.

As part of the pilot, afPE and United Learning will be working in partnership with staff across the participating schools to review their existing provision, and support them in developing a broad and balanced PE curriculum that is at the heart of school life. This will involve ensuring PE time is adequate and protected in the curriculum, and that all schools are meeting a required set of standard

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Source: afPE