New Fixture-Based Primary Schools Football Competition Set to Roll in Horsham

A new primary schools football competition is set to run in Horsham. Organised by Paul Showell from Southwater Junior Academy it will involve longer fixture-based (as opposed to tournament-based) 7-a-side matches for year 5+6 pupils being played on school sites.

The following schools have entered the inaugural competition – Southwater, Arunside, Kingslea, St John’s, Leechpool, Northolmes

 The structure of the process will be as follows:

– The 6 teams will be split into 2 groups of 3, to ensure that every team gets at least 2 games

– The top 2 teams will play in a final at Horsham FC or similar venue 

– All teams will play one home match, and one away match 

– Teachers or a parent to referee the match

Qualifying matches ideally to be completed by mid-November

 May the best team win!