Football Central Venue Leagues (Mixed)



Any primary school in the Horsham District

Lead organisers

Horsham Sports Services


Tanbridge House School’s astroturf 


Year 3+4 pupils of any gender

Year 5+6 pupils of any gender

Team size/entry

7-a-side on pitch 

Schools can enter up to 2 teams. They can express interest in entering more if spaces remain by the entry deadline

Capacity for the event is 16 teams. First come first served principle to be strictly applied


Year 3+4 = Fridays 6th and 20th October

Year 5+6 = Fridays 29th September and 13th October

All meetings 4-6pm


£80 per team to cover both meetings

Rules, fair play and clothing

Rules Download

Horsham Primary PE/Sport Association Codes of Conduct Download

Where a match decider is required (ie semis and final) then 3-penalties per side approach will be used and time allowed in the schedule for this contingency

Note there will be a combination of independently sourced referees and teachers confident to referee. Participating schools will be contacted prior to the event to confirm whether they can contribute a referee

Players should wear conventional training shoes on the Bridge multicourts. At Tanbridge conventional trainers, astro trainers or moulded stud boots should be worn

Shin pads with long socks are recommended.

Teams should be in uniform colours as far as possible but bibs will be available in the event of clashes


Fixtures schedule to be advised shortly after entry deadline

Likely to be two divisions as equal in number of teams as possible playing each other in a round-robin and feeding into a semi-finals and final based play-off section

For the purpose of using the leagues as a qualification basis for subsequent schools FA small and large school competitions if it is not possible to separate the teams on this basis then the highest placed small and large school teams in the overall process will be offered the opportunity.


Ian Ford on

Post-event feedback link


Use e-form

Deadline: end of Friday 22nd September

First come, first served applies. tbc spaces maximum.

Note: A ‘small school’ for the purposes of schools football is classified as such on the basis of having less than 100 children in Key Stage 2 and less than 30 in year 6. If you are a small school by these criteria please state ‘small school’ under the ‘Other information’ field on the e-form


Invoicing will be undertaken at the booking deadline

No refunds will be issued for schools/teams that drop out after the booking deadline

Additional teams can be accepted after the booking deadline at the discretion of the organisers