Unintentional exclusion can create long-term barriers that deter participation and stall the benefits of physical activity across society. The Sport and Recreation Alliance (Alliance) has been at the forefront of advocating for EDI matters, driving the agenda on inclusion within sport and recreation organisations for years, and we will continue to deliver our commitment in years to come.

Sports have the power to unite people from diverse backgrounds, fostering community spirit and enhancing physical and mental well-being. The recent Active Lives Adults Survey indicates that gay men, lesbian women and bisexual adults are all more likely to be active than heterosexual adults. While this is positive, the Out for Sport report highlights a significant issue: around 57% of LGBTQ+ individuals would participate in sport if it were more LGBTQ+-friendly. Additionally, the report also reveals that one in eight LGBTQ+ people avoid gyms or sports activities due to discrimination. These figures underscore the urgent need for sports to reflect and review their commitment to be more inclusive.

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Source – Sport and Recreation Alliance