Southern Comfort at Quadkids Event

Southwater Junior Academy won the year 3+4 District Sports Quadkids Athletics event at The Bridge leisure centre today. They emerged top dogs out of a field of nine schools after amassing a total of 2981 points, 83 ahead of nearest contenders Heron Way. Holbrook picked up third spot with their total of 2787.

180 young competitors put on a splendid show for a large watching contingent of parents and thankfully everything went smoothly as the weather remained fine, the children behaved impeccably and the teacher and volunteer officials did a superb job of running the four stations – 50m sprint, 400m run, howler throw and standing long jump – which generated the results to input into the spreadsheet which collated them.


YEAR 3+4 – detailed spreadsheet download (for individual results analysis)

  1. Southwater 2981 points
  2. Heron Way 2898
  3. Holbrook 2787
  4. North Heath 2670
  5. Kingslea 2656
  6. Greenway 2621
  7. Shelley 2597
  8. St Robert Southwell 2499
  9. Arunside 2472