Herons Flying High

Heron Way A’s year 6 football team completed the league and cup double tonight by winning the Horsham Primary Schools Football Cup competition on the Tanbridge House School astroturf. They beat Southwater A in a tight final 1-0.

10 teams entered the event and with 4 pitches available there was plenty of opportunity, and indeed need, for squad rotation. In the first phase teams were split into two groups of five teams.

In Group A Heron Way’s front side demolished their first three opponents before finding Kingslea a different kettle of fish in match that finished one apiece. Indeed Kingslea could have won it but for an amazing piece of Heron Way defending where the goalkeeper brilliantly saved but the ball squirmed free to provide an open goal for the Kingslea striker only for a defender to slide in on the goal line to make the most last ditch of blocks you could ever see. Indeed this piece of rearguard action ensured that the Herons topped the table and Kingslea came second, the latter dropping a couple of points after being held to a draw by St Mary’s Pulborough.

Southwater A were similarly dominant in Group B but Heron Way B held them to a goalless draw to deny them a clean sweep. To illustrate the much lower scoring character of Group B second placed Heron Way B only scored two goals in achieving that position. Leechpool A came third although suffered the biggest defeat in the group, 3-0.

So to the play-off matches. Fate brought the two Heron Way teams together in the first semi-final but attacking might divided them as the A team hit them for four without reply. Southwater A also neutralised Kingslea’s threat effectively in a game that finished 2-0. Thus the big guns of Heron Way and Southwater were brought together in the latest play of their rivalry, a first half goal being enough to send the cup the way of East Horsham.

Kingslea won third place with a superb 4-1 win over Heron Way B. Slinfold showed they could mix it with the big boys by sharing fifth place with Leechpool A. St Mary’s Pulborough beat Southwater B to claim seventh and a single Leechpool B goal against Castlewood was sufficient to win them ninth spot.

A great night of football with plenty of skill, fair play and enthusiasm on show. Some excellent refereeing displayed too, with the performance of young teenage refs Izzy and Araya worthy of particular praise.






Heron Way A – 18pts

Kingslea – 16pts

Southwater B – 10pts

St Mary’s Pulborough – 8pts (GD – 6)

Leechpool B – 8pts (GD -11)


Southwater A – 18pts

Heron Way B – 16pts

Leechpool A – 12pts

Slinfold – 10 pts

Castlewood – 4pts


0 Pulborough v Heron Way A 5

0 Leechpool B v Kingslea 4

0 Slinfold v Leechpool A 1

1 Southwater A v Castlewood 0


0 Southwater B v Pulborough 0

6 Heron Way A v Leechpool B 0

0 Heron Way B v Slinfold 0

0 Leechpool A v Southwater A 3


4 Kingslea v Southwater B 0

0 Pulborough v Leechpool B 1

0 Castlewood v Heron Way B 1

0 Slinfold v Southwater A 2


4 Heron Way A v Southwater B 0

1 Pulborough v Kingslea 1

0 Leechpool A v Heron Way B 1

2 Slinfold v Castlewood 0


1 Leechpool B v Southwater B 3

1 Heron Way A v Kingslea 1

0 Southwater A v Heron Way B 0

2 Leechpool A v Castlewood 0





1st Group A v 2nd Group B

4 Heron Way A v Heron Way B 0


2nd Group A v 1st Group B

0 Kingslea v Southwater A 2


3rd Group A v 4th Group B

0 Southwater B v Slinfold 1


1.     Heron Way A

2.     Southwater B

3.     Kingslea

4.     Heron Way B

5.     = Slinfold+Leechpool A

6.     .

7.     St Mary’s Pulborough

8.     Southwater B

9.     Leechpool B

10.  Castlewood



4th Group A v 3rd Group B

0 St Mary’s Pulb v Leechpool A 2

9th Place Play-Off

5th Group A v 5th Group B

1 Leechpool B v Castlewood 0

3rd Place Play-Off

Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2

1 Heron Way B v Kingslea 4



Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2

1 Heron Way A v Southwater A 0

5th Place Play-Off

Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4

0 Slinfold v Leechpool A 0

7th Place Play-Off

Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 4

0 Southwater B v St Mary’s Pul 2