Three Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Keep Exercising all Year Long

One woman, strong young lady with boxing gloves, punching a punching bag in gym alone.It is suggested around 80% of people will have given up on their new year resolutions by February. The reason motivation wanes is because people choose the wrong goals and motives to begin with. And research shows us that choosing the right type of goal is the key to keeping us motivated over the long term.
Dr Ian Taylor from Loughborough University gives three tips to help people stay motivated to keep exercising all year long. He recommends minimising the effort people put into exercise may better help them stick to their resolutions in the long term. Another basic motivational mistake many make is to set goals too far in the future. Choosing a goal with a more immediate outcome, will help brains will associate the outcome positively with exercise. The final motivational fix is switching the type of goal you have from “have” goals to “be” goals.
Source: Loughborough University