Third Indoor Athletics Triumph in a Row for Heron Way

Heron Way bagged yet another sports hall athletics success today at Forest School. This time it was their Year 6s turning on the style, accumulating a whopping 505 points, 97 ahead of nearest rivals Southwater Junior Academy. So SJA continuing its role of bridesmaid, not the bride in this year’s series of events.

With the Herons and Southwater undertaking their one-two dance it was left to third spot to provide the excitement, with Greenway and Leechpool going toe to toe in the battle for getting on the podium. In the end they both achieved the honour ending level on 360 points. Arunside came in 22 behind this for fifth, with St Mary’s Horsham sixth on 271.

Forest School did a superb job of hosting the event. Everything looked slick in the school’s refurbished sports hall and the year 9 sports leaders officiated with great aplomb under the watch of coach and event manager Dave Ingram.

The year 5 event will complete this year’s sequence next Tuesday also at Forest. Can Heron Way deal with the pressure of making it a full house?!


1st Heron Way 505 points

2nd Southwater 408

3rd=  Greenway and Leechpool 360

5th Arunside 338

6th St Mary’s Horsham 271