UK Sport and home nations sports councils have issued a statement on the progress made to make sport and physical activity more inclusive and reflective of UK society, following the publication of the Tackling Racism and Racial Inequality in Sport report in June 2021. The report found that racism existed in UK sport and resulted in ethnically diverse communities and individuals being consistently disadvantaged, discriminated against, and excluded from sport and physical activity.
Activities that have been undertaken across the home nations sports councils, include embedding the lessons learnt into existing organisation strategies, raising awareness levels among staff to identify inequalities and initiate change and establishing working groups to identify what and where change can occur. The process of overhauling the ways in which resources are distributed to ensure that it makes a better impact on under‐represented communities has begun.
The statement issued states activities are underway to change sport, but also acknowledges it is too early to say if these efforts are beginning to make a difference.

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Source: Sport England