Horsham Area Primary Schools Swimming Gala


·       Any primary school in the Horsham District

Lead organisers

·       Horsham Sports Services

Support Organisations

·       Collyer’s Sixth Form (young leaders)

·       Atlantis Swimming Club (event management)


·       Pavilions in the Park


·       Year 5 and 6 pupils in any gender balance

Team size/entry

·       A Event = higher ability/experienced children (including children who are members of a swimming club). Part teams are acceptable to enter

·       B Event = must be children who are not members of a swimming club

·       Maximum of one team per event per school but if there is a spare capacity at the entry deadline schools will be invited to submit additional teams


·       Wednesday 16th February 2022, 1.30-3.00pm


·       £50 per team per event

·       If part team entered, then charged at £12 per child  

Kit considerations

·       Swimming costume and towel

Parking and spectators

·       Pay and display parking at Pavilions in the Park

·       More information at https://www.horsham.gov.uk/parking/town-centre-parking

Other Information


Format Guidance


·       Individual 50m freestyle

·       Individual 50m backstroke

·       Individual 50m breaststroke

·       Individual 25m butterfly

·       Individual 100m freestyle

·       Individual 100m medley

·       Team 4 x 50m freestyle relay

·       Team 4 x 50m medley relay


·       Individual 25m freestyle

·       Individual 25m backstroke

·       Individual 25m breaststroke

·       Individual 50m freestyle

·       Team 4 x 25m freestyle relay

·       Team 4 x 25m medley relay

·       Team 4 x 25m ball relay

·       Team 4 x 25m float-kick relay

In both A and B events any individual swimmer can enter as many relay races as they wish and up to 2 individual races

Contact person

·       Ian Ford – Ian@horshamsportsservices.co.uk / 07764 146338

Booking Links/Deadline

·       Use booking e-form

·       Deadline: Friday 14th January

·       Note – where asks for ‘other information’ on form please state how your teams will split over A and B events (eg 1 team for A event, 2 teams for B event)


·       Invoicing will be undertaken at booking deadline

·       No refunds will be issued for schools/teams that drop out after booking deadline

·       Additional teams can be accepted after the booking deadline at the discretion of the organisers