Athletics (Indoor)

Horsham District Primary Schools Indoor Athletics Competitions


·       Primary schools in the Horsham District

Lead organisers

·       Horsham Sports Services

Support Organisations

·       Millais and Forest sports leaders


·       Millais School, Horsham 

·       Forest School, Horsham


·       Separate events (x 4) for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 age (for boys and girls)

Team size/entry

·       For each event each school is allowed to bring up to 15 boys and 16 girls.


·       Millais year 3 – 18/1/22, 10am-2pm

·       Millais year 4 – 1/2/22, 10am-2pm

·       Forest year 5 – 25/1/22, 10am-2pm

·       Forest year 6 – 8/2/22, 10am-2pm


·       £60 per team per meeting

Weather considerations

·       Not applicable

Parking and spectators

·       Parking at Millais is roadside on Depot Road (or other nearby roads)

·       Limited parking at Forest School during the school day – restricted to one teacher car per school allocation (permits sent in advance). Forest students to marshal car drop-off and pick-up of children systems at start/end of event outside main school reception. Additional cars that want to park for event duration will need to park roadside around the streets adjacent to Forest School.

Kit considerations

·       Teams should be in uniform team colours

Other Information


Ethos/Fair Play

·       No trophies/ no medals – certificates for all (winners, runners up, participation)

Format Guidance

·       Each school should provide a mixed team, with an equal number of boys and girls, somewhere between six and fifteen of each per team.

·       Arriving on the day, each team manager (teacher) should have a list two boys and two girls to compete in each of the field events as well as one athlete (or team of athletes) to compete in the track events.

·       Maximum number of events (including team races) that any child can be nominated for is 5


The field events will be:

·       Standing Long Jump

·       Standing Vertical Jump

·       Chest Push

·       Speed Bounce

·       Target Throw

·       Javelin Throw


Track events will be:

·       1 lap race

·       2 lap race

·       4×1 lap relay

·       4×1 lap Hurdle Relay

·       4×1 lap Over/Under relay – involves hurdles and foam tunnels

·       4×1 lap Obstacle Relay

·       6 Lap Paarlauf (two athletes required per team) – this is similar to a relay race (a baton is used)

Contact Person

·       Ian Ford – / 07764 146338

Booking Links/Deadline

·       Use e-form. Deadline: end of Friday 3 December


·       Invoicing will be undertaken at booking deadline

·       No refunds will be issued for schools/teams that drop out after booking deadline

·       Additional teams can be accepted after the booking deadline at the discretion of the organisers