Athletics (Indoor)

Horsham District Primary Schools Indoor Athletics Competitions


·       Primary schools in the Horsham District

Lead organisers

·       Horsham Sports Services

Support Organisations

·       Forest and primary school sports leaders


·       Forest School, Horsham (confirmed)

.       The Bridge leisure centre


·       Separate events (x 3) for years 4, 5 and 6 age (for boys and girls)

Team size/entry

·       For each event each school is allowed to bring up to 15 boys and 15 girls.


  • Forest (year 6) – Thursday 18/1/24, 10am-1pm
  • Forest (year 5) – Thursday 1/2/24, 10am-1pm
  • The Bridge (year 4) – Wednesday 20/3/24, 10am-1pm


·       £60 per team per meeting

Weather considerations

·       Not applicable

Parking and spectators

  • Limited parking at Forest School during the school day – restricted to one teacher car per school allocation (permits sent in advance). Forest students to marshal car drop-off and pick-up of children systems at start/end of event outside main school reception. Additional cars that want to park for event duration will need to park roadside around the streets adjacent to Forest School.
  • Plenty of free parking at The Bridge

Kit considerations

·       Teams should be in uniform team colours

Other Information

Event plan download

Teamsheets download

Ethos/Fair Play

·       No trophies/ no medals – certificates for all (winners, runners up, participation)

.      Horsham Primary PE/Sport Association Codes of Conduct Download

Format Guidance

·       Each school should provide a mixed team, with an equal number of boys and girls, somewhere between six and fifteen of each per team.

·       Arriving on the day, each team manager (teacher) should have a list three boys and three girls to compete in each of the field events as well as one athlete (or team of athletes) to compete in each of the track events.

·       Maximum number of events (including team races) that any child can be nominated for is 5

The field events will be:

·       Standing Long Jump

·       Standing Vertical Jump

·       Chest Push

·       Speed Bounce

·       Target Throw

·       Javelin Throw

Track events will be:

·       1 lap race

·       2 lap race

·       4×1 lap relay

·       4×1 lap Hurdle Relay

·       4×1 lap Over/Under relay – involves hurdles and foam tunnels

·       4×1 lap Obstacle Relay

·       6 Lap Paarlauf (two athletes required per team) – this is similar to a relay race (a baton is used)

Contact Person / Feedback

·       Ian Ford – / 07764 146338

.      Post-event feedback link

Booking Links/Deadline

·       Use e-form. Deadline: end of Friday 8 December


·       Invoicing will be undertaken at booking deadline

·       No refunds will be issued for schools/teams that drop out after booking deadline

·       Additional teams can be accepted after the booking deadline at the discretion of the organisers