Widespread Support for Safety Measures at Indoor Facilities as Users Return

The number of people using indoor sports facilities has gone up since all restrictions were lifted in July, with large support for coronavirus safety measures suggesting they’re giving people the confidence to return.

The news comes from the latest wave of Sport England’s survey looking at people’s activity levels and attitudes towards activity throughout the pandemic.

Carried out by Savanta ComRes, the survey shows the use of indoor facilities is up 11% from April 2021, and 9% for outdoor settings – but it’s not all positive, with some groups continuing to struggle to be active and a third of people aged 55+ continuing to do zero days of activity a week.

The results are the first since all restrictions were lifted on 19 July, and show a broad support for the continuation of some coronavirus safety measures, with 83% of indoor gym and fitness centre users and 78% of outdoor exercise class participants saying facilities should continue to implement things such as mask wearing, one-way systems, social distancing and sanitation stations.

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Source: Sport England