Parasport Classification LEXI Website Launched

A new website, LEXI GLOBAL, has been launched to explain every class in every sport across parasport competitions using a single integrated graphics system, known simply as LEXI. LEXI provides insight into classification, allowing a non-expert to understand the how and why, both quickly and easily when watching parasport.

LEXI GLOBAL is aimed at four different user groups.

  • As a support for television audiences who want to know more about parasport.
  • Broadcaster support for commentators and announcers.
  • In-venue sports fans, watching parasports live.
  • Athletes, coaches, support staff and clubs – grassroots to elite level.

The website is free to use and can also send classification explanation information to third party websites. Although originally developed for television, LEXI is a multiplatform tool that can be used for classification online, in-venue, digital and in print.

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Source: British Sport and Exercise Medicine