Women in Sport Reveals the Impact of the Pandemic On Teenage Girls’ Lives and Exercise

The charity Women in Sport has launched new research, funded by Comic Relief, into how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of teenage girls and their relationship with sport and physical activity.

The research showed that lockdown has led girls to recognise the value of exercise for physical and mental health.

  • 52% of girls agreed that keeping fit and doing physical activity was more important than ever.
  • 55% of girls said they felt being physically active made them happier.
  • 54% said that it made them less stressed.

Perhaps most critically 82% of girls say they will put more effort into being active when life returns to normal. Less positively, half of the girls (51%) surveyed by were concerned that they were losing their fitness and 45% worried that it would be hard to get back into the habit of sport and exercise after the pandemic. Many have lost confidence in their sporting ability (41%) and many more are worried about being in large groups again (40%).

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Source: Women in Sport