Covid-19 Green and Open Space Use

A report published by the Medical Research Council/Chief Scientist Office Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow reveals there was a marked increase in use of green and open spaces following the initial 2020 lockdown, with greenspace users reporting that it benefited their mental health. However, the survey found there continues to be underlying socio-economic inequalities in use of greenspaces.

The report highlights the importance of green and open spaces for population health and wellbeing. It concludes greenspaces are an essential resource for community wellbeing, which must be protected and prioritised.

Key findings:

  • During November 2020, nearly two thirds of adults (63%) reported that they had visited a green or open space in the previous 4 weeks. 
  • There were sharp inequalities in visiting green and open space; 71% of those classed as high socio-economic status visited in the previous 4 weeks compared to just 53% of those of low socio-economic status.
  • 9 in 10 individuals agreed that being in green and open spaces benefitted their mental health.

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Article source: University of Glasgow