Young Sport Leaders

Young sports leaders have an important role to play in contributing to the delivery of sports opportunities. Horsham Sports Services is keen to support the development of young leaders in the Horsham District area.


Course options are available for training children in the following Key Stages:

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  • Key Stage Two
  • Key Stage Three (to follow)
  • Key Stages Four/Five (to follow)


Horsham Sports Services welcomes the contribution of young sports leaders as assistants and helpers at local sports coaching sessions, competitive events and holiday activities that it runs. It also has a range of organisational connections in the local sports community to refer to for this purpose. Deployments can range in extent from small, once-a-week engagements to more extended work experience placements.

Schools wishing to discuss their organisational needs or students (or their parents) wishing to discuss their individual needs should contact Ian Ford on or call 07764 146338