Sports Leaders and Volunteers

Sports leaders and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds make a significant contribution to community sport and physical activity delivery. The backgrounds of such individuals can be varied and includes parents keen to back their child’s interest in a particular sport, a young adult keen to launch a career in the sport and leisure sector, and older adults that may have finished their own competitive sport career and now want to put something back into their favourite sport. Whatever the motivation the benefits of leading and volunteering – such as fun, enjoyment, social connection and satisfaction – are commonly shared.

Horsham Sports Services is keen to support sports leaders and volunteers in various ways – identifying, training, deploying, rewarding and retaining – and in various deployment formats such one-off events, weekly sessions and consolidated placements.

Horsham Sports Services is able to offer a Community Sports Leadership training day where sufficient demand exists.

As well as supporting sports leaders and volunteers as part of delivering its own portfolio of activities Horsham Sports Services has good knowledge and connections with other organisations in the local community to help fix people up with appropriate opportunities.

To discuss your interest in developing as a sports leader or volunteer contact Ian Ford on or call 07764 146338